Religious Society of Friends

From John 15:15:
"I no longer call you servants, because a
servant does not know his master's
business. Instead, I have called you
friends, for everything that I learned
from my Father I have made known to

Our family are members of the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers. We belong to Medford Monthly Meeting in Medford, NJ, and also worship at Little Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting in Tuckerton, NJ.

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Mid-week meeting for worship at our house (more info and directions)

Little Egg Harbor Meeting

Other Quaker information

"...walk cheerfully over the world answering that of God in every one."
— George Fox

Mid-week meeting for worship at our house

We have started a mid-week meeting for worship at our house (directions below) for Friends, friends, and anyone else interested in worshipping with us in silence. This meeting is an indulged meeting which means it is under the care of an established meeting which in this case is the Little Egg Harbor Monthly Meeting.

We will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7PM (at least for now, if this is too early in evening for those that have to travel long distances we may change the start time)

We consider our meeting an indulged meeting, meaning it is under the care of an established meeting. At this point in time we see the meeting as more of worship group than a preparatory meeting. (See PYM Faith and Practice for a discussion of worship groups and preparatory meetings.)

Our house from the east coming up Old White Horse Pike from Spring Garden bridge, after turning into driveway:

A map of the streets near our house:


From the West (Philadelphia, Camden and anywhere along Rte 30, White Horse Pike):

Continue down Rte 30, passing Atco, you will pass a WaWa on your right and you will know you are getting closer, then further down. Ancora Liquor and then a doctor office on the right, followed by Russells (a tavern) on the left, and then peach orchard on the left and fields on the right. Turn left at the next light, on Spring Garden Road, not right which goes to Ancora, take the wide curve and we are the big white house on the right just past the little bridge and a stand of pines on the right, parking in the back so turn into the first driveway you see or if you miss it, the second (our driveway curves around the back of the house to a courtyard of sorts.

From Medford:

Take Stokes Rd (Rte 541) south through the Lakes all the way to Rte 206, turn right and passing Atsion Lake, watch for a blueberry field on your right, and turn right on Rte 536, Chew Road, then a few miles will get you to an intersection with stop sign, turn left, on your right at the corner is a Catholic Church, and continue along what is now Old White Horse Pike (see map above). You travel over a very narrow bridge (go slow and watch for oncoming maniacs), then about a quarter mile after the bridge you will see on your right an open field and then a peach orchard, we are the only house on the left opposite the peach orchard. Pass the house and turn into driveway (it is circular) and park in the back.

From Tuckerton (and Hammonton):

From Tuckerton, proceed down Rte 9, turn right at Stage Road, continue on Stage Road,crossing rte 679, turn right at the white house at the "T" and then continue on across the bridge on rte 542 (keep going straight) continue on this road until you get to Rte 30 in Hammonton, take a right onto Rte 30 West and continue west out of town. Turn right at the light at Ancora/Spring Garden and then Spring Garden Road, not left which goes to Ancora, take the wide curve and we are the big white house on the right just past the little bridge and then a stand of pines, parking in the back so turn into the first driveway you see or if you miss it, the second (our driveway curves around the back of the house to a courtyard of sorts.

If you pass the first driveway, this is what you will see (probably without the snow, just turn in right past the end of fence to get to courtyard:

Little Egg Harbor Meeting

This meeting is in the Burlington Quarter of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and has an interesting history. At one time it was an indulged meeting!

Meeting information on PYM website

More information on the history will follow (under construction)

Other Quaker information

A sign that is posted in many meeting houses:

Who are the builders of and worshipers at this meeting house? Are we only a sect of the past or do we really still exist today?

We who have been called Seekers of the Truth, Quakers and Friends, are members of the Religious Society of Friends. Yes we are a sect, but we do not separate ourselves from the world around us.

We believe God is present in every person and that peace is preferable to war. We gather in silent communal worship to await on the spirit of God. Sometimes It moves us in other ways.

We have no formal creed, no ritual, dogma or liturgy. Instead to help us follow Divine Guidance, we pose, both individually and corporately, searching queries; we strive to trust to love, rather than react to fear; we work towards peace because we believe it is the only way; we are led to implement our concerns for the equal rights of all. Many of us have been drawn to this religion - Quakerism - because of its dual commitment to spiritual awareness and social action.

These beliefs are not always easy to hold nor to honor with action but our search has led us to commit ourselves to them.

Perhaps this approach of Friends could be helpful and meaningful to you. We welcome you to accept our invitation to search with us at this or any other meeting house or place. If you wish please come to join with us for worship. Your children are also welcome either at Meeting for Worship or First Day School.

Some links of note:

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"... I lived in the virtue of that life and power that took

away the occasion of all wars."

-George Fox