Introduction to Beston Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Waste tires can be recycled using a tyre recycling plant. The plant is usually available and it can help you not only in environmentally problem solving but also make you have some profit obtained from the waste. Beston Company, one of the top waste recycling equipment manufacturers, has been the top company for making and selling this machine in the world. They have various models of tire recycling plant for sale has used the new technology that has helped in providing the permanent solution for recycling. The tire recycling plant for sale can be used to recycle any type of tire to finished products.

Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa
BLJ-10 Tyre Recycling Machine to South Africa

It is well known by most people that crushing and breaking tire is not such easy and it cannot take a few hours. The process will need some more time and will occur in a very slow way. However, this is not a challenge when it comes to Beston machine. The machine can be used to make fuel oil, charcoal and other products using waste tire.

Security Design for Beston Tire Recycling Plant

The presence of hydro seal– when the tire is burned it produces dangerous gas that can affect the environment. However, with the machine, it has the seal where the gas will be passed first afterburning before it is condensed to fuel oil. The excess gas is then recycled back to the reactor to energy in the process.

Automatic welding machine– in order to increase the efficiency in the production, there is an auto welding machine that helps in the welding process.

Special operation technique– this technology is crucial in bugging during the production process. It is equipped with professional pressure gauge and thermometer. This two parts help in pressure and temperature monitoring within the machine.

The additional heating generation– This technology helps in combining the indirect and direct heat that is produced during the heating process.

Well-designed exhaust gas room– during the operation, the room is usually closed. But if you realize that the pressure is high, you can open it to relieve some of it. The idea of relieving here is that the combustible gas will be burned in the tire to oil directly. This will immediately reduce the temperature and pressure within the reactor. In this way, we can make sure the safety of the pyrolysis plant.

Layout of Beston Pyrolysis Plant
Layout of Beston Pyrolysis Plant

Working Process of Waste Tire Recycling Plant

The initial stage of the process is to turn the waste tire into appropriate sizes. The tire should be cut into small sizes and then crush it to the convenient size of around 5 mm in the comprehensive shredder reactor.

Then feed the feeder reactor either through automatic way or by the manual method. The burned hot air will then flow from the reactor onto the waste. This will be heated up to the optimum temperature. At this point, the pyrolysis oil gas will be formed and directed to the manifold.

In the manifold liquidification of heavy particles is done. This will lead to the formation of heavy oil which will be stored on the thanks.

The other gas continues onto to the horizontal tabular condenser. Some gas is liquified into oil and store on the tanks. The excess gas that is combustible will be cleansed and recycled to the reactor.

The process of heat exchange, escape from the reactor through the inner pipes that are well installed. Air is allowed in and it will later be heated together with the hot smoke and transferred to the burning room in order to provide oxygen.

The next stage involves the smoke treatment stage. In this stage, the smoker will be condensed by the flue condenser.

In the last stage, carbon black and steel will be automatically removed by the screw discharger. The magnetic method is used to separate steel wire from the carbon black before they are stored.

Advantages of Beston Waste Tire Recycling Plant

  • It has a variety of models in which the customers can choose depending on their budgets and the needs they have.
  • Its end products have a high demand in the society and hence very useful.
  • The tyre recycling machine has got a high reputation because it is cost effective starting from the operation to the maintenance.
  • The machine is environmentally friendly. It has been designed by professionals who have made sure that the end products have no
    negative impact on the environment.


Getting the quality tyre recycling plant for sale in your business is very crucial. After understanding the type of waste tire product you have and the cost of pyrolysis you need, you are assured with the machine. Always do not rely on what others say but do your own analysis.